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Perfect Attendance Program


We are pleased to announce that all students at Ybarra will participate in the Perfect Attendance Program for this school year. This program is designed to reduce student absences, tardies and early dismissals.

Student tardiness and early dismissals not only reduce individual learning time, but also impede teachers’ instructional time. A student with a two minute tardy each day actually loses 1-1/2 days of instruction each year.

At the end of the school year, students with perfect attendance will have earned a certificate with a special coupon. One excused early dismissal will be allowed only if your child has been injured at school and requires immediate urgent care, or for bereavement, or for officially recognized religious holidays.

P.A.N.D.A. Awards (Perfect Attendance No Days Absent): Each month classrooms with 89% or better attendance will receive a large stuffed school Panda to keep in their classrooms. All students in the classrooms will also receive an ice cream party.

To facilitate this program, all children who are late to school must report to the office before entering their classroom. Students leaving school early must also check out through the office. Parents must sign their child out. No student will be released to any person who is not listed on the student’s signature/family card. This monitoring of students will also help to increase safety on the school grounds.

How parents can help:

1. Please make doctor, dental and other appointments after school or on non-school days.
2. Establish a morning routine for you and your children that will be conducive to punctuality without undue stress.
3. Get children to bed early enough for a good night’s rest.
4. Foster good health through good nutrition.
5. Prepare school clothes, homework, etc. in advance to avoid last minute confusion.

*If you need to take your child out of school for five days or more due to a family need, Independent Study is available; absences of one to four days DO NOT qualify for Independent Study. The school needs to have two weeks notice in order to set up an appropriate program of study. INDEPENDENT STUDY ABSENCES WILL DISQUALIFY THE STUDENT FROM RECEIVING ANY RECOGNITION FOR PERFECT ATTENDANCE.

Revised 3/12